Sunday, March 14, 2010

Image Upload from Flex RIA to MySql

I am here going to describe how we can upload an image file from the Flex RIA to the database using java.I am using apache fileupload. You can download the latest version of the package from
First we need to create a table in mysql.The table creation query is given below.

Now Open Flex builder 3.From File ->New->Flex Project.
Enter Project name as MyUplodProj.Click Finish button
It will open a new WindowedApplication
Now I am going to create a new file upload component.Right Click on the project name in Flex Navigator.Select New->MXML Component.Give component name as MyUploder.Click Finish.
The Code is:-
 Now we need to insert this component in the application. So update as MyUplodProj.mxml as
 Now we need to do the server side part.We have to create a servlet to handle this upload and to insert into database.It will come soon....

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